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Dagmar and Jan Zenka     mold melted glass     biography

Dagmar and Jan Zenka

Name: Mgr. Dagmar Zenka
Born: 7.8.1956, Svitavy

Name: RNDr. Jan Zenka, CSc.
Born: 24.7.1955, Svitavy

The technique of melting of glass into molds was developed and improved by Libensky
and Brychtova, famous Czech glass artists.

What is the principle. First it is necessary to make clay sculpture. Thereafter using special
mixture based on plaster you will prepare negative – mold. Clay is removed and mold is
necessary to dry. Thereafter you fill mold with glass and increase temperature to melting
conditions. Next step is cooling of mold with glass. Thereafter the mold is destroyed and
you receive your glass sculpture. This sculpture is usually necessary to clean, grind and

2005 – "Glass imaginings" mold melted glass exhibtion, "Gallery Under the Stone Frog",
Ceske Budejovice
2005 - presentation of mold melted glass/metal artefact (in cooperation with blacksmith
J. Cizek), International symposium Hefaiston, Helfstyn
2004 – "Metamorphosis of Glass" mold melted glass exhibtion, Metropol, Ceske Budejovice
1999 – presentation of glass/metal sculpture (in cooperation with blacksmith J. Cizek),
International symposium Hefaiston, Helfstyn
1996 – Vitrail exhibition, "Gallery Prochazka", Ceske Budejovice

Realizations in architecture
2005 – circular ceiling mosaic (glued glass), 120cm diameter, Katerina Neumann’s
pension interior, Zadov
2005 – illuminating system (glued glass), 160x20cm, Katerina Neumann’s pension
interior, Zadov
2005 – mold melted glass- plastic built-up from 4 pcs, interior of villa, 13x260x4cm,
2002 – door panel vitrail (Tiffany/fusing), 60x40cm, Hluboka
2001 – 2 interior vitrails (Tiffany/fusing/mosaic), 120x100 and 120x50cm, Komarice
2001 – art nouveau vitrail reconstruction, 20x40cm, Ceske Budejovice
2001 – 4 door panels (fusing), 4 x 15x90cm, villa, Brno
2000 – 2 glass mosaics, 2 x 30x140cm, villa, Litomysl
2000 – vitrail (Tiffany/fusing), 70x120cm, villa interior, Prague
2000 – 5 vitrails (Tiffany/fusing), 5 x 15x50cm, villa interior, Prague
1999 – 4 vitrails (Tiffany, fusing, mosaic), 4 x 110x120cm, villa stairs, Prague
1999 – sepulchre (glass (fusing)/metal in cooperation with blacksmith Cizek),
120x160x8cm, Svitavy 1998 – mirror pillar, 30x260x30cm, villa interior, Svitavy
1997 – vitrail, 25x200cm, interior of rebuilt farm, Policka
1996 – vitrail, 200x100cm, garden architect atelier, Uhersky Brod