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Vladimír Suchánek     lithographs     biography

Vladimír Suchánek
Born February 12, 1933
He studied at the pedagogical faculty of Charles University in Prague
and at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (1954-60).
In 1965 he became a member of the HOLLAR Association of Czech Graphic Artists.

In the 60’s he explored various techniques and at that time he began to work with
colour lithography.

A theme that has accompanied his work from the very beginning up to present day
is a theme of a woman, which has appeared in number of forms and variations.
Suchanek’s prints feature a refined pictorial composition that combines masterful
use the line with feeling for the subtle harmony of colour through he expresses
a broad range of moods and emotions.

Vladimir Suchanek is a president of the HOLLAR Society of Czech Graphic Artists
since 1995. He is also a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts,
Vienna, Austria.

National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Albertina, Vienna, Austria
Museu de Ovar, Portugal
Muzeum Zamkowe, Malbork, Poland
Kunstmuseum, Frederickshavn
Rockford Prints Museum
and many other private and institutional collections
Solo Exhibitions:
Galerie Husstege, Amsterdam, Holland
Galerij Luka, Antwerpen, Belgium
Jacques Baruch Gallery, Chicago, USA
Galerie Ambience, Luzern, Switzerland (with A. Born and M. Lesarova)
Gallerie Groll, Nurnberg (with D. Havlickova)
Galerie Umeni, Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia
Turksteinweg, Berlin, Germany
Galerie Hollar, Prague, Czech Republic
Kunstmuseum, Frederikshavn
Galerie pod Michalskou branou, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Galerie Siemens, Erlangen, Germany
Euro Art Gallery, Victoria, Canada